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Help us provide you with efficient, professional, and timely service. We ask that you review the following policies.

24 Hour Notice of Cancellation

Please give us at least 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel an appointment or service.

Business Hours

We work Monday thru Friday. Our crews work in certain areas on certain days and the crew follows the same route every week, so you will notice they arrive about the same time each week. Our crews sometimes work until 7:00 PM.

Sprinkler Systems

To ensure our crews' safety and prevent additional wear on your lawn, please make sure your sprinkler systems do not water your lawn during the crew's visit.
If we damage a sprinkler head or drain cap, contact us within one week and we will repair or replace the item.


To protect your lawn and keep our crews safe, we do not mow in the rain. If it rains when we are scheduled to visit, we will reschedule your lawn for another day. If you think it is too wet to mow (either from rain or a sprinkler system), please contact us and reschedule our visit.

Gates and Locks

If you have a gate which is usually locked, use a combination lock on the gate. Please notify us of the combination as soon as possible so we can best serve you.


Our crews are very careful about closing and/or locking gates, but we do not guarantee that a pet cannot escape from the yard. Dogs should be removed from the yard before we mow.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If our work is not to your satisfaction, contact us with twenty-four hours of the service so that we can address your concerns.

If you have any questions or comments, then feel free to call us (817-354-4442) or send e-mail ().